Restaurant ” Cafe April” invites you to take a break from the vagaries of the weather , the hustle and bustle of the big city . There is always a good weather: Flowers are blooming and birds are singing, green moss and tender grass – everything has been designed to have a pleasant rest, relaxation and great uplifting mood.

The entire interior, as well as each of its objects alone deserves special attention. Here we follow the trendy and cosy eco-style . All the furniture in the restaurant is hand-made. Some countertops – made ​​of pine with embedded manual “veins” of acacia. To sit on a log – and why not ? We saved all the cracks and veins of wood, yet it has been processed so the surface sparkles! Even the bar top is decorated in the form of the same timber in order for anyone to sit comfortably. Special light curtains depict intertwined tree branches create an unusually beautiful illusion – it seems that you are in the real forest . The full spring’s vibe is completed by the sound of iridescent birds singing and soft green grass in the pot. With the help of the projector films are shown about wildlife and animals.

The unique decision of the space attracts attention . The restaurant ” April “ consists of three different areas that intricately interconnected with staircase. Some of the guests prefer the top floor with a bar, someone may want to sit on the ground floor relaxing on cosy sofas and others will surely wish to finally forget about the outside world and will ask to take the VIP zone. Please note the the panels depict the gorgeous flowers – a special kind of shooting has been used that captures all the stages of disclosure of magnificent buds.

Kitchen matches the style of the space. “Spring” – it cannot be called in any other way, combining the best European and Russian cuisine. Our chef, Ilya Kuznetsov previously worked at “Le Duke” and “White Square” doesnt overload you with calories yet wouldn’t let you leave hungry.

It is worth mentioning: the ground floor is equipped with professional sound system that allows the area to be easily converted into a dance floor. Here you can have any kind of party with the involvement of DJs and live music.

After visiting the restaurant ” April “ spring mood will not leave you for a long time!

Please come and visit us: Spring has come!!!